Short Version: Privacy minded Linux enthusiast. Ham radio operator. IT / Industrial Automation.

Longer Version: I work for a distributor of automation controls. I do IT internally and assist customers with industrial devices such as computers, programmable logic controllers, operator interface terminals, servos, variable speed drives, and more.

When not working I enjoy being a grandfather, retro computing, beach walks, camping, whiskey, electronics, and just hanging out with Clair. Clair and I frequently hang out together listening to shows on anonradio.

Primary ham gear:
80M Doublet
Diamond X50NA
Kantronics KPC3
Home brew 6M mag loop

Active on FT8, SSB, FM, AX25.

Distros I am currently working with in some way:
OpenSUSE - work and home servers, misc others
Pop!_OS - System76 Pangolin Laptop
Lubuntu - AX25 Packet node
CentOS - DStar Gateway
Slackware - Retro computers
Mobian - Pinephone
PureOS - Librem 5

Devices List:
System76 Pangolin
Home brew Ryzen2700X, 64G, Nvidia desktop
OnePlus 6 running /e/
Pinephone running Mobian
Librem 5 running PureOS

Retro Devices:
2x Apple IIe
TRS80 Model 4, Model 102
2x modernish inside TRS80 Model 4 cases
Misc PCs including a 286, 486, P133, Cyrix MII, and more…

You can find me..
adamd < at > sdf < dot > org
IRC on as adamd